Praga Magica

About Company

Praga Magica is a travel agency which specialises in cultural tourism. We were established in 1991 at the start of private business activities, shortly after the fall of communism in 1989. Since then we have had considerable success in promoting holidays, particularly in well- established Italian and French organisations in the area of culture and art. Examples of our cultural and art activities include the Italian FAI (Fondo per l'ambiente italiano), Friends of the museums, Italian nostra. In Paris one of our partners is the travel agency Le Monde et son histoire (the World and Its History). Our main Italian partner is the Milan tour operator Di Lauro viaggi.

Our clients include some Rotary clubs and Lions clubs. For some of these groups we have organised special inspections of buildings which are not generally available for visits by the public and normal tourists, e.g. "Kaple svatého Kríže na Karlštejně" (the Chapel of the holy cross in Karlštejn), Prague's Baroque palaces - Valdštejnský palác, Buquoyský palác etc. Some of our individual clients include for example Ing. Alda Zegna the owner of one of the major world chains of haute couture boutiques - the firm Ermenegildo Zegna, Prince Torloniu, the Italian politician Fini etc.

We organise accommodation in our participating hotels for all classes of hotel star ratings, which you can find in the attached price list. Our tour guides are highly qualified with at least 8 years of experience. They are Czech citizens who are fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Danish, Finish, Japanese and Arabic. They possess all the relevant licences and permits, which we would like to point out are unfortunately not working conditions that are at present enforceable by the laws of the Czech Republic.

Our drivers use modern minibuses and coaches with air conditioning, this is similarly the case with private cars.Our selection of restaurants is based on many years of experience and thus a good appreciation of the specific culinary characteristics of individual nations. Before establishing the travel agency its owner had worked for 15 years as a tourist guide.We have a very thorough procedure to ensure our individual clients and groups are well looked after. For instance we take care that, besides our highly erudite knowledge of the region to which you travel, you can be well informed about the historic monuments, culture, history, political and even its economic situation, geography etc.

Because of our professional orientation, we are also able to objectively inform our clients of musical and theatrical events and ensure that they are not drawn unawares into the highly commercialised events which are more "traps" for tourists rather than attractions with truly artistic merit. Our guides are also well informed about the potentially less pleasant aspects of living here, which we hope will not face you during your tour with us. We prefer to forewarn you of the type of situation which may possibly arise if you are not informed about it. For instance, advise you about dishonest taxi driversand how in general to avoid them, bureaus de change which apply high transaction fees up to 10%, overpriced restaurants where they serve poor quality food and have a level of service which by no means corresponds to the price paid etc.

We think that our successful long term activity in the field of cultural tourism qualifies us to make a success of our available standard, youth, senior citizen and religious holidays, as is supported by the many highly favourable feedback reports from our past activities. In the attached brochure you will find our basic holiday programmes, pricing guide lists of hotels and other services. In addition an evaluation of our work has been made independently by Dr Gian A. Golin, who is a professor at universities in Paris and Vicenze and who has also been a professional (compere) guide for some of our activities.


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